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Home stay and village tour Excursion in Pokhara and surroundings

1 Place Name Highest elevation Approx. walking hours/days Distance from Pokhara Other features/Special View
2 Sirubari 2003 Drive only 56 kms South West An ideal model tourist village with rich Gurung culture, awarded for their efforts in preserving culture and rural life. Panoramic view points. Winner of PATA award
3 Ghalegaun 2016 6 hrs drive + 3 hrs walking 116 kms Gurung village (125 houses) waterfalls, bee hives hanging on cliffs, honey hunting, rhododerons forest, Pasture lands, Tea Garden
4 Bhujung 2600   40 kms North East Gurung vllage with rich cultural activities (450 houses) 2 hrs from Ghalegaun
5 Lwang – Ghalel 1530 2 hrs drive    
6 Tanahusur 1241 Drive +4hrs 65 km East Exotic pristine Magar village, Home of Gorkha soldiers, Good and remarkable view of sun rise and set
7 Damauli 700 Drive only 50 Km East Rural settlement of ethnic communities like Darai, Kumal, & Bode village. Fishing, boting,  swimming and Kayaking in Seti and Madi rivers
8 Nuwakot 1500 Drive only 50 Km South Mixed culture. From Pokhra 1.5 hours driving or you can hike from Dhurai