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It is our pleasure to come with the fourth volume of tourism mirror, as a complete guide book, after two years of its third publication .we are hopeful that it will support the promotion of tourism in the region and the country. known as the land of paradise, pokhara is really famous for its natural beauty. cultural varieties and for attractive events and activities. previously the country passed through a turbulent situation disturbing almost all the nerves of our nation for some years. before the time of recovery period, the country witnessed the problem of earth quake and instable government which ultimately hampered all the economic activities including the tourism of nepal.

Despite these problems and turbulence, the country succeed to achieve the new constitution from the constituent assembly. now the country is in implementation phase of the constitution. the election in 3 tier government – federal, province and local has been completed and all three tier government are in functioning . it will certainly help to create a peaceful socio situation and dynamism for the economic activity in the country and hope that the tourism vision 2020 will be achieved.

No doubt, pokhara is equipped with all amenities for adventure and holiday lovers. but still it is lacking with important infrastructures like, pokhara international airport, pokhara bus park , walking trail around the fewa lake, link trail development in and around 7 lakes of begnas area, expansion of high way road to kathmandu , sunauli and corrala border (china) which certainly can support to boost the tourism in pokhara.

One behalf of pokhara tourism council, I would like to express my thanks to nepal tourism board and all of our member organizations for their support to publish this fourth issue of pokhara tourism mirror . I also like to thank to all my board members and staff for their valuable efforts to make this issue published.

I and the executive board of PTC like to express our sincere thanks to the editor MR. Dambar Bahadur K C (former president of PTC) for his continuous and kind effort to bring out this tourism mirror in this form.

We expect that this the guide book will definitely help to enhance the tourism by providing reliable and constructive information about Pokhara and he region and also promote tourism awareness among the people and its professionals.

Thank you

Gopi Bahadur Bhattarai


Pokhara Tourism Council