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Covid-19 has brought massive change on current conventional tourism and compelled stakeholders to think out of the box. It has been proved and accepted that tourism is the vehicle of social change, transformation, economic growth and environmental change. The proven fact is that tourism now is in dire need of futuristic leadership which suppose to respond promptly in desired changes.

Specifically, Pokhara a city known as tourist hub has been changing every then and now to address the need of visitors. Traditional service delivery to current professional development has became possible through coordinated effort made in the past. Today we are proud to glare changes around Pokhara and its periphery. We believe these changes on the professional pattern of service delivery was accepted worldwide.

From the desk of president, I felt fortunate to represent and lead the prestigious Pokhara Tourism Council and would like to express my gratitude on believing my past effort on taking tourism further. To continue the professional journey and maintaining legacy of tourism as well as the legacy of Pokhara Tourism Council would not be possible without proper coordination and joint effort. Any organization willing to partner with Pokhara Tourism Council are enthusiastically appreciated.

Thank you

Pom Narayan Shrestha


Pokhara Tourism Council