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  • Barahi Temple:It is located in a small island in the middle of Fewa Lake, just off shore from the Lakeside. It takes less than 10 minutes to reach there by boat. The atmosphere is so tranquil that one can enjoy the green forest scenery just across the south end of the lake, full-scale scenery of the lake and amazing reflection of the Annapurna and Fish tail Mountains on the surface water of the lake. There are major celebrations during Dashain, the biggest Nepali festival which normally falls in the month of October.
  • Kedarerswar Mandir and Miteri park:It is a much worshipped temple of Lord Shiva. Kedaresware temple is beautifully constructed as a replica of Pashupati Nath temple of Kathmandu in the premises of Komagane Miteri Park just close to Fishtail lodge and adjacent to Fewa lake.. The park was named in memory of official friendship relation between Pokhara city of Nepal and Komagane city of Japan. If you want to observe Nepali way of wedding ceremonies, this temple and park can be the best spot.
  • Bindabasini Temple: It is a much believed temple of goddess. It is located on the top of a small hillock at the north end of the old bazar around 6 Kms from Lakeside. This is believed to be one of the oldest temples in the valley and most famous in Pokhara. On lucky days, you may get chances to witness Hindu wedding ceremonies taking place in the premises of this temple.
  • Old Bazar Area (Heritage site of Pokhara): A historical Newari bazar is extended to the heart of the city just         south beneath the Bindabasini temple. This area has been protected as an old heritage site of Pokhara where one can observe old houses, temples, cultural life and activities of Newari people.
  • Bhadrakali temple & Buddhist monastery:Hindu temple and Karma Kagyu Chhonkerling Buddhist Monastery are situated in close proximity of Matepani nearby small hillock, surrounded by rich luscious forests, 7 Kms away from Lakeside. The location is superb for the Mountain View and the view of the Pokhara city. It is also a proper place for bird and butterfly watching and for a half day hike too. This is a good example of our religious and social harmony especially between Hinduism and Buddhism.
  • World Peace Pagoda: It is massive Buddhist stupa located on a hill top (Rani Ban) just Southern hill of Fewa lake. This stupa is the symbol of peace where the huge idol of Lord Buddha from Japan, Sri Lanka and Thailand are installed. From here one can enjoy the breathtaking view of Himalayan ranges, lakes and the city. As the route is from the lakeside by boat, it can be enjoyed biathlon of boating and hiking at a same time. Other option is that you can visit Devi’s fall on the way and then the gentle climbing starts from Chhore Patan, if you want to avoid all walks and then you can drive close to the place and walk 5 minutes to the stupa.
  • Harihar Gufa Sanyas Ashram
  • Tibetan villages:Since 1959, several numbers of Tibetan refugees have been living in Nepal. The number has reached up to twenty thousand now. Pokhra area is the main land when they arrived and settled in Nepal. One such is Tashi Ling Tibetan Settlement of Chhorepatan which is located near two popular sightseeing sites i.e. Davi’s Fall and Gupteswar Mahadev Cave. Other two Tashi Palikhel and Paljor Ling are situated in Hemja and Prithivi Chowk respectively. One may visit Tibetan monastery, curio shop, handmade carpet factory, school etc in those settlements. Tashi Palkhel is in Hemja. 9 Kms west from Lakeside where Zip Line fly ends nearby.Children Park: A great and modern fun park called Chachahui Fun Park has been established just at Gharipatan, south of Pokhara airport.Bird Watching: Pokhara and surrounding area is a paradise for bird watching of different types of migratory and inhabitant birds. We can observe many types of birds like wet land, woodland and birds of prey. Pame, Begnas and Rupa areas are famous for wet land birds. Raniban and Jhijhirka – Astam areas are good for wood land birds. Tutunga – Bachhebuduwa areas are famous for birds of prey and Armala area is unique for Pheasants. You can get trained bird watching guides in Pokhara.
  • Ram Mandir And Fewa Power House