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Pokhara Tourism Council is the umbrella organization of institutions having concern with tourism, operating tourism activities and offering services to tourists. It was established in 2002 AD. This organization is playing crucial role for conservation and promotion of lakes and historical as well as cultural heritages considered important from tourism point of view while conducting activities directly related to tourism. Also, it has been carrying out the function of often putting forward the problems viewed in the tourism sector of Pokhara and challenges in tourism sector of Pokhara and Nepal in general in front of Nepal Government. As the initiation, it has already submitted the concept of Pokhara Tourism Authority to Nepal Government after conducting wide interaction among the stakeholders with the objective of supporting in integrated development of Pokhara and its surrounding area. Besides this, as the tourism business has been established as a major industry of the world, there is need to develop it as more responsible, qualitative and sustainable organization. It has been successful to give a message of responsible tourism in the world tourism market expressing commitment of mutual cooperation, collaboration, participation and social liability and issuing and abiding necessary code of conduct among the concerned aspects involved in tourism. Also paying attention to peace and security in tourism sector, in one hand it has already installed CCTV in tourism areas after coordination with security agencies and other businessmen as well as organizations relating to tourism and in other hand, there task of installing solar road lamps in the main road section from Shahid Chowk to Khahare Chowk along Barahi Chowk of Lake Side has been started under the collaboration with Pokhara Sub Metropolitan City, Alternative Power Promotion Centre and Pokhara Tourism Council. Besides this, it has been conducting various important programs in collaboration and coordination with other organizations and government agencies. With the major objective of protecting the cultivable land within and around Pokhara, keeping alive the original tradition of Nepalese and promoting internal and external tourism in Pokhara, it has been organizing Ropai Mahotsav (Planting Festival) program every year under its annual program.